What size shade cloth to order for HFGH and other questions

15 years ago

I order my HFGH and want to get the other items ordered as soon as possible. The only difference is that my HFGH will be place against a wall of green netting - semi-tight weave in my garden (a reformed clay tennis court so I will not need cloth for the second side. It will be oriented E-W with the North side of the HFGH against the shade cloth. This is my best site. I have water there (of course I have to do a lot of work to make it usable). I will also be looking for an exhaust fan and vent. Do I need any other things to get started (other than shelves)?

1. shade cloth -- what % shade for North AL

2. exhast fan

3. vent

I hope to order these things so they come in on time to do the work before I put it up. Are there any other suggestions on modifications that should be done during construction?


I decided to ga ahead and order one. My son wants to try hydroponics to I will be looking for an inexpensive get started package for him! Hurry up tax refund!

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