hfgh vent fit: need advice

13 years ago

I have a HFGH 10x12 which I am trying to install with all four vents on one side. The first one fit fine, the one beside it required a lot of re-adjustment once it was mounted on the crown piece. It just didn't close smoothly. Finally after taking the window virtually apart while it was mounted, and "finessing" it into shape and then bolting it back together, it opens and closes without a hitch. This only took me 45 minutes. Since I didn't want to do that with the remaining two, I tried to make the next one as square as I could before installing it. (It is not easy; the polycarbonate is never firmly in one place.) I installed it and the movement is obstructed by the edges of the framing, as was the case with the second one. I found one place on the crown where a nut in the crown piece assembly seemed to be preventing it from closing, so I reversed the bolt and the lower profile seemd to work ok. I also loosened up the framing pieces to allow a fraction of an inch more opening room for the window, but it still binds.

One other thing which makes me wonder if I have somehow built them wrong in the first place, is the instructions show panel clips on the vent windows, and the only way I could install them would be from the inside, since there is virtually no room to fit anything on the outside.

I would appreciate any help I can get!


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