$199 6x8 Harbor Freight Greenhouse

7 years ago

We have had our hfgh for at least 6 years, and it is doing great (with strengthening additions) . We think it will have to be replaced within a couple of years because of panel weathering, so when I saw the recent $199 coupon promotion for the greenhouse, I went and got one. That price is cheaper than I paid for it 6 years ago.
I'm one of those folks who think it is a great deal if you want a greenhouse.

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  • mudhouse_gw
    7 years ago

    Amazing the price is less than you paid six years ago. Good thing is, you'll breeze right through putting this one together.

    My 10x12 is about 6 years old too, replaced the roof panels not quite two years ago, will replace most of the wall panels this summer. All else is rocking along just fine. I think these are a great deal, too.