HFGH Doors repair/rehang/ help need on double door 10x12

12 years ago

I have the wonderful pleasure of recently purchsing a new Harbor Freight 10x12 greenhouse. I have searched and read a ton of the posts regarding the mods and such and have a few of my own but my current biggest issue is the d*m doors. I cannt get them to work correctly, the sliding wheels pop off, door falls out/off track, dosent fit etc. I am at the conclusion they cannot be used as they are made to be so I need some ideas of how to change, modify, rehang, redesign whatever these suckers. My hubby has the idea of setting posts in ground and hanging thay way but I dont see how that would work and keep air tight?

Has anyone with the 10x12 with double sliding doors had to change them and how did you do it?

Thanks so much for any suggestion!!


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