Just purchased 6x8 HFGH

13 years ago

Hello everyone!

I have a small organic vegetable garden in Northwest NJ and I've always wanted my own greenhouse. So, based upon the posts on GardenWeb, I purchased the 6x8 HFGH and will be putting it together within the next few weeks.

I new to GH's so, I've been spending a lot of time reading all of the posts here, and my head is spinning from all of the comments. In my GH, I would like to be able to grow greens in the winter, maybe a dwarf lemon tree, propagate seeds in the late winter/early spring for the garden, and maybe some other types of plants to keep me sane in the winter.

So, my question to everyone is, since the GH is only 6x8, what are the essentials needed? I see a lot posts regarding misting, heating, fans, shade cloth, insulating the north wall, heat sinks, etc. Any suggestions would be great.


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