Best Greenhouse on a Budget besides HFGH

12 years ago

I have about $550.00 to spend on a greenhouse. Since I have had bad luck with the HFGH, I am thinking of something better. Are there any other greenhouses you could recommened that you have used? I would like to stay around a 6x8, but am open to other sizes. James

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  • oakhill (zone 9A, Calif.)
    12 years ago

    The "best" hobby sized greenhouse depends on what you want to grow and when. For simple season extension, there are much less expensive options than the HFGH. For year around production, and with polycarbonate panels, the HFGH is indeed the least expensive, if not the best quality , as you mention. Just narrow down what you really want to accomplish with a greenhouse and we can give more specific ideas.

  • kudzu9
    12 years ago

    Unfortunately, you may have trouble finding a quality kit of decent size for that amount of money, which explains the popularity of the HFGH, despite its quality problems. However, if you are at all handy, you could build something nice from scratch with the funds you have.

  • cowgirl2
    12 years ago

    Here's a 6'x8' framed on 2' centers. Very inexpensive and flexible.


  • birdwidow
    12 years ago

    kudzu is right. For $550.00, you could buy the hangars, treated 2 x 4's and penetrating oil stain to seal it, then erect a very sturdy GH frame, perhaps along the lines of one of those gambriel garden sheds, then cover it over with heavy plastic until you dig up some additional scratch to replace the plastic with polycarb and in the end, have a very nice little GH that would out-perform and outlast an HFGH by miles.

    Maybe not all so little either. If you have space for it, build it at least 8 X 16, to take full advantage of standard lengths of lumber. Make your sidewalls at least 6 ft. high with a 12 ft. peak and you will have the means to beat the worst of all GH issues- the summer heat that can turn a small, low roofed GH into an oven.

  • cactusfreak
    12 years ago

    Do you already have a HF?
    I sugguest you just reinforce it and buy a better quality panel.
    Unless it is badly damaged from wind or something.

  • JamesY40
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    My greenhouse frame is pretty much intact. I thought about buying better quality panels, but don't know where to buy them. James

  • kudzu9
    12 years ago

    If you're looking for panels to replace the HF ones, or are considering building your own GH, there are many sources. Just do a Google search on "twinwall" and you will see...

  • ponderosaq
    12 years ago

    I'm not sure of current prices but do check out Turner Greenhouses. Some of their models can be purchased with plastic covering and you can convert to fiberglass laterif you want to. I have a fiberglass model and love it. After having a homebuilt fiberglass covered one for years and being happy with it it was an easy choice for me due to financial issues.They have a webiste. Hopefully shipping wouldn't be so pricey these day to rule Turner out for you.

  • arturoh
    12 years ago

    This is related to another post I just made. If you need cooling for a cheap greenhouse, what would you use? I hear cooling pads on one end and a fan on the other pulling the air through the greenhouse is most desirable. I am having terrible trouble finding a small size cooling pad in my case 3 square feet.

  • haller
    12 years ago

    I have a 6'x8' Rion Silverline, which can be purchased for nearly your budget price if you hunt around for the best pricing. For example... even with $50 shipping this comes in just right for your pricing. (link below)

    It's a nice little thing... it was a bit of a pain to install until I really really loosened up the bolts... keep them extremely loose and then its a breeze.

    It's only been up 6 months but I'm really happy with how sturdy it is. Small but practical.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Good price, click here (Amazon $499)