10x12 HFGH photos + a drip system question

13 years ago

Back in early 2006 we were one of the early purchasers of the HFGH 10x12. There are a few postings of mine around where I discussed how we built our kit, and the improvements that we made to strengthen.

However, we never got around to taking photos. I really thought I had "under construction" images but can't find them so I have posted the more recent photos. Also set up a gallery of the vegetable garden we built this season.

We did not get as much snow this year as we did in 2006, and I found that the roof is sufficiently steep that snow tended to work its way off. That gutter along the top of each side wall tends to catch the snow and prevent it from immediately. By the time the snow flies this year we will have power connected in there and will be running a heater. That should accelerate the snow melt and allow earlier sprouting without losses to cold weather.

I also plan to install some camper windows, and possibly a fan, as others have done. Probably will do something in terms of insulation as well.


Now for a question: I'm at the point that I want to connect the water supply we have run to the greenhouse. What do folks recommend in this regard? Should I try to fish a drip line through the density of the vegetables? Micro-sprinklers? How do folks find that misters work in their greenhouses?

Note - we are in northern CA at 3500 feet, so it gets pretty toasty in the GH. Summer day temps are 80-100. Wondering if the misters would be useful in terms of cooling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our HFGH 10x12

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