HFGH 6x8 or 10x12 ???

13 years ago

I live in north-central Illinois (45 mins due north of Peoria). I am interested in growing things that can be eaten, and maybe starting some flowers. My garden is 20x50. I might make it a little bigger next year.

Space is not the issue - it is that I don't want to heat the greenhouse any more than possible. I am happy to incorporate gallons and gallons of water for passive heating, and add as much insulation (north wall, caulking, etc). Which greenhouse - the 6x8 or the 10x12 will be able to hold a higher temperature during the night?

Thank you!

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  • gardenerwantabe
    13 years ago

    I think your concern should be focused on how hot it will get in the daytime. The small GH is really had to cool.
    I have a 10X12 and had a lot of water in it but it was taking up to much space. I needed the space for my plants so I removed most of the water and the difference to the heating bill was not noticeable so next year I will use none or very little water.
    If you put 100 gallons of water in the small GH then you will have the thing full of jugs.
    Like my wife said we built the GH to grow plants not store water in it.
    I know the thinking by most on this forum is fill it with water but if their is a savings it is so small that it is not worth it I would rather use the space for growing plants.
    Buy the bigger one and sit it where you will have room to put another one end to end with the first one because even the 10X12 is too small

  • kterlep
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    has anyone tried butting a 6x8 up against a window? Open window in daytime allows heat into house. Open window at night allows the same heat to come back into the GH...