Shade cloth for 6x8 HFGH

13 years ago

We just built our 6x8 hfgh and I was wondering what everyone is using for shade cloth? I have a auto vent opener and wondering if the shade cloth might cause any issues with the vent.


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  • kudzu9
    13 years ago

    I have a GH with 4 auto-vents in the roof, and shade cloth. The shade cloth does a great job of keeping down the heat, but I'm sure it slows venting through the roof a little. I have a cheap fan that's on a thermostatic timer and it kicks in whenever the GH temp gets to 80F. I leave the shade cloth in a position where most of the GH is shaded, but I don't pull it completely tight to the ends so that there is a little more of a path for the hot air to get pushed to the vents.

  • wetfeet101b
    13 years ago

    If you dont want to cut the shade cloth around the roof vents, then you have to install it with enough slack to allow the vents to fully open, as kudzu9 stated.
    It could be a problem in windy areas though, as the shade cloth would be flapping mad with all that slack.

    Another option would be to cut a square around the vents so that the shade cloth is snug fit on the roof, but does not restrict the vents in any way.
    And with the small squares that were cut out, place them over the vents and attach with either heavy duty glue or wires.
    The drawback there is that when the sun is at certain angles, the interior of the GH might be getting direct sun through the small gap that is unshaded.

    As for shade cloth material, I just use the ordinary 50% shade fabric sold at most home and garden stores.
    The GH manufacturers also sell their own brand of shade cloth that is cut to fit the specific size of your GH. But I have not bothered with those.

  • kudzu9
    13 years ago

    A clarification...I have my shade cloth hanging on the inside: it's attached at the ridge, and the eaves where the roof meets the wall. That way I don't have to do cutouts because the shade cloth is below the vents, not above them. Inside mounting also increases the life expectancy of the shade cloth.

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