what are your favorite winterizing steps? start thread

12 years ago

Hi everyone - I know it's still hot outside, but I wanted to really get ahead of the winterizing this year. Last winter was a bust - couldn't keep the GH above 40, and had to move everything inside. Well, this year I've vowed to make the GH into a bunker! I have a Rion 9x16 ft GH.

Here's my plan so far:

- fill all the cracks with foam/silicone sealant

- line the entire inside of the GH with 4mil plastic sheeting (the stuff you use to cover windows in the winter). The local nursery has huge sheets of it (25X15 ft) for about $30.

- cover the north wall and half the ceiling with insulation boards - the 4x8 ft ones. The reflective side will point in, which will help harness the heat.

- I will have a 500W MH light for supplemental light. It gives off some heat.

What other steps can be taken? I've thought about bubble wrap, but can't find a good supply. Where do you guys get it?

Anyway, let's start a thread of winterizing ideas. Maybe in the end I'll be able to get the temp up to 45 degrees!

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