Cost to build a greenhouse

July 26, 2008

Does anyone have an general idea how much it would cost in materials to build a greenhouse for the materials say 10 x 12 with wood and polycarb panels? Would that be the best thing to withstand high winds and high heat? Anymore suggestions would be welcome.

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  • hdcochran

    I built a 12x12 with block foundation, treated wood frame, and 2-wall polycarbonate for about $4k in materials. This is just a rough estimate because the GH was just half of a 12x24 building, the other half being a pottery studio for my wife. To save money I built 2x8 roof vent with with purchased opener and and 4x7 door. Electric materials were surprisingly expensive while plumbing was surprisingly inexpensive.

  • jumpin4joy

    Around 650 for a 16x16 with 6 mil plastic covering. I am useing all treated wood.

  • bcfromfl

    I've had a simple gh for several years, and used to use 6-mil plastic. Please accept my experience and don't use this stuff! I wish I had back all the hours wasted replacing it over and over, not to mention the cost. Use the material I've linked below. It's like iron, easy to work with, and you'll be much more satisfied. Plus, the overall cost is not that much more than 6-mil.

    You'll thank me when you are visited by high winds!

    -Bruce C.

    Here is a link that might be useful: 5.2-oz. fabric at FarmTek

  • dirtbert

    When we built our greenhouse (home made plans) we splurged on triple pane poly (quad pane wasn't out yet). So to offset that expense we opted to build a solid wall and roof on the north wall and three feet high on the sides. South wall and the rest of the sides are poly though.
    While it was cost effective to do so, it turned out to be an even better idea because the back wall then reflects light and helps to conserve heat in the spring.

  • fool4flowers

    Thanks everyone. I am now debating whether it would be better to try and enclose my porch or build a shed type building with lots of windows since I am only going to use it for overwintering and then the space could be otherwise used during the summer months. My plants grew quite well in the garage last winter with only a few window panes high in the doors and one shop light with grow light bulbs and stayed about 50 degrees so I am trying to get some estimates for different ideas that would be the most useful and cost effective at the same time. At the rate things are going hubby is just going to have to hang a couple more lights and give over his half of the garage, lol. Even then its gonna get aweful crowded this year, lol.

  • imstillatwork

    I just framed in a 4x4 post and 2x4 truss all pressure treated 9x18 for less than $500. Ventilation, water hookup and electric is going to be another $4-500. Poly panels must be big $$$?? I'm using tempered glass from old sliding doors that was available to me for no cost.

  • zmystery6_netscape_net

    Need a tentative estimate to build a school greenhouse that would hold 25 students at a time. Thank you

  • boomantoo

    Check out the free section on your local craigslist. There are always free windows on there. I built a 10 x 16 by 12 ft high greenhouse for $220. Using all free glass aquired from the free section on craigslist and I already have enough to double the size. It's so awesome I have to go bigger. Grew tomatoes and cucumbers still have tomatoes that haven't ripened yet. Crazy isn't it. It's really unbelievable how good the tomatoes and cucumbers looked and tasted. Enjoy your new greenhouse and send some updates.

  • poppa

    I built a 8 x 12 leanto gh attached to a garden shed. The GH and shed cost me ~ 2K. The GH was built using discarded windows (Craig's list and freecycle) out of 2 x 4 PT wood. I used 2x 4 construction and double glazed it with a sheet of galss on each side so i had a 3.5" dead airspace. Worked nicely.

    My newer GH is 50 x 26 double layer of poly and it has cost me less than $2K so far. Watch for auctions!

    Bruce... you must me using the wrong poly. Make sure it is UV treated. It should last a minimum of 4 years and can last as long as 10 according to my local GH grower. The ends of my GH are made from used GH poly that was on the GH i bought at auction for 7 years and it's more clear and just as tough as the new stuff i bought for the roof!


  • ranijadhav2009_gmail_com

    I want the cost for constrution of low cost greenhouse for vegetable cultivation having size of 10m x 10m

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