HFGH Shelf Unit by Laserfan

13 years ago

This is a big thanks to Laserfan for the shelf design, it really adds strenght to the rear and side walls. I just had a few questions for laserfan or anyone else that has input. The shelf unit is pretty straight forward but I can't really figure out how to handle the rear corner support for the shelves and how to tie them into the GH. One point of interest, here in York, PA it is very hard to find the pipe crosses used in the shelf (had to go to 3 supply houses) evidently they are not used much anymore. Also be prepared to add extra bolts in the wall studs ahead of time because its no fun doing it after the fact. Overall though this shelf unit gets a BIG THUMBS UP and anyone putting up this GH should really consider the addition. Incidently I secured the cross members and the shelf supports with "L" brackets and self tapping screws and it worked great, welding isn't in my skill set.

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  • laserfan
    13 years ago

    Glad you are happy with it! I had never worked w/galvanized pipe before and had been warned (it doesn't 'give' at all, not a bit) that it would be difficult, but I didn't find it to be so once I figured-out logistically how to stage the installation. Surprised though that you had trouble finding crosses--I got mine at either or both of HD & Lowes.

    Regarding the corner supports, on the first two shelves mine are this simple: sheet metal screws with flat-ish heads (I used lath screws) drilled thru the corner posts from the outside. The tips of the screws support the cattle panel well enough. I couldn't do this for the top shelf, which had to have some links cut-out of it to avoid the diagonal supports, but I jury-rigged it with a couple of 'L' brackets and some galvanized wire. It ain't pretty but you don't need much given how sturdy the cattle panel is already.

    Yeah this piping does take all the flex out of the back wall doesn't it!?! Once I got the shelves in I never again had to worry about the structure coming-down, and we HAVE had some pretty serious blows here this spring...

    Here is a link that might be useful: Our 10x12 HFGH