HFGH , wind, snow, & heat wave

13 years ago

Just thought I would post an update on my HFGH. This year we had a big wind storm, followed by a record breaking snow storm, followed by a record breaking heat wave. Whew! Both HFGHs survived intact. Most of the plants survived the heat too. The first storm had 50 MPH+ winds. Since I had placed metal fence posts (T-posts) on all sides of the greenhouses they survived. A few panels blew off but everything was fine. Then we had a blizzard. Well, for being at 2500' in the Sierras it was the most snow we've ever had here. We got 2 feet! I did go out every 2 hours one night and scrape the roofs off with a garden rake. The most snow I allowed to build up was 4 inches. They held up fine. I think they would have been flattened by the whole 2 feet at one time though. I had 52 trees damaged by that storm! Then we had a heat wave in July. It was over 105 degrees for 13 days straight. Five days in a row were over 114 degrees! I popped 4 out of the 6 roof panels off each GH and covered the greenhouses with shade cloth. Since all the veggies are in Earthboxes it was easy to keep the plants well watered and they all survived. The tomatoes, however, were actually cooked right on the vines! The plants all quit producing for a few weeks but are now back to full production. It's been quite a year for the little greenhouses but they held up amazingly well!

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  • nathanhurst
    13 years ago

    A lot of record breaking weather at the moment, I wonder if it is statistically significant?

  • gw:plant_babies
    13 years ago

    google what Jucelino Nobrega de Luz has to say about our weather. (you'll have to use 'translate this page'.

    If you want, I can send you a document