Beating the heat with a HFGH

15 years ago

Well, it's been 100 to 107 degrees here for over 3 weeks now but the veggies in the HFGH are doing great in spite of the fact that it has gotten to 115 in the GH on a couple of occassions. I don't have electricity at the GH so I removed 4 of the 6 roof panels & covered the roof with shade cloth. I also opened the door & then clamped a section of shadecloth over the open door. The bugs & varmints can't get in but the air can flow freely through the GH & out through the roof. It's working great! The tomatoes, bell peppers, & cucumbers are so big that I can barely get in the door. I've planted everything in Earthboxes so the plants have a constant supply of water. They need extra water because of the heat.

A bonus of using Eboxes is the huge crop of little frogs that use the resevoir in the Eboxes as private pools. The little guys sit on the plants & eat bugs all day. This is the very first time I have not had to deal with tomato worms. Yahoo!

A word of caution - plant your cherry tomatoes at the back of the GH so you can get through the door without a machette :>)

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