slowest construction of hfgh 6x8 in gw history!!!

12 years ago

Hi Guys 'n Gals!

Well, it only took me 2-1/2 months, but - as of last weekend - the Greenhouse Structure is DONE (Yayyyyyy!!!).

I've posted pics, observations, and Garden-Webbers' hints 'n links (Thanks to ALL!) on my website. Maybe this will help others who are considering purchasing the 6x8.

Important Note for Newbies: HF's instructions *have* improved (a bit) - but I couldn't have done it without conifer's pictures. Well, maybe I could have, but there would've been a lot more swearing going on!

Oh: And NO! It shouldn't take 2-1/2 months to build! I just wanted to take my time, do as much of it "solo" as possible (to minimize the "Jerry Springer Moments!"), and generally not stress-out over it...

Overall it was surprisingly easy to build, all of the pieces were "there," they do fit together nicely, and it's da*ned sturdy IMHO!

Next Steps: "Accessorizing!" And yes, I've started a separate webpage for that, as well...

Anyway - I just wanted to share. And say THANKS again to all of you for your wonderful advice!


Here is a link that might be useful: 2007 We bought a Greenhouse!

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  • washoe_mark
    12 years ago

    Very nice job & great pictures. It looks like you don't have a wind problem in your yard with all the shrubs & lattice.
    I considered getting the 6X8 but I went to the next size up.
    I have the challenge of wind. It might take me 2 1/2 mo. to make my 10X12 HFGH strong.

  • javan
    12 years ago

    Great job building and doing all the hints we've gleaned over time. Enjoy! Jim

  • imqtpi
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Au contraire, Washoe Mark! We most definitely *do* get high winds in my backyard! Yeah, I would've thought that it'd be pretty protected in that corner, but it really isn't!

    We had a huge windstorm last winter that took out several trees in our neighborhood; knocked over a couple of our 25' tall Italian Cypresses and blew my "tent" greenhouse to smithereens (which was in the exact same location)!

    Our late-summer has been pretty breezy, and I haven't heard any rattling or seen any 'flexing' of panels (yet!). The truly Yucko Weather won't hit for a few more months...

    I think this GH will hold up pretty good, though. Seems *very* sturdy!

    Good Luck w/your 10x12!

    (I see now that HF has an 8x10 - I would've gone for that one - had it been available!)


  • milwdave
    12 years ago

    They ARE surprisingly sturdy when complete even without extensive modifications. Just a few little tweaks is all it needs. Mine has survived 60 mph winds without any first it made me gulp as it was full of orchids but no sweat...stood up fine.


  • imqtpi
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Yeah they are very sturdy, Dave! I'm very happy with it :-)

    Okay Riddle Me This, Garden-Webbers: I bought a roll of window screen so I can, well, keep the friggin' bugs out!

    How do you "screen" the upper vents? Seems to me that - even if you don't have a self-opener - you still need to be able to reach up-and-thru the vent from the inside of the GH. i.e. to use the vent-support-thingie to prop the window open. Even worse w/the self-opener since the unit is pretty cumbersome, size-wise.

    I'm kind of envisioning that the screen should fit along the 3 "sides" of the vent and be 'stuck-down' to the roof (/framing) of the GH in some fashion (it'd undoubtedly "pooch-out" around the sides when the vent is closed). But I haven't quite figured out how I'm gonna finagle that.

    Doorway screening shouldn't be a problem. I've seen those dangly doorway screens w/magnets @ Charley's (and other sources), so I'm not so worried about that. But I am definitely curious to know if anyone has screened the upper window-vents and how that was accomplished (Pictures, anyone??).

    Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions!