New 10 X 12 HFGH & new to Garden Web

12 years ago


I'm new to this forum. I just got a 10 X 12 HFGH & I'm excited to get started on it. I live in Washoe Valley NV which is a very windy area (that's why we windsurf there). Our winters can bring in storm fronts with 50 mi. gusts in the valley. So I am only proceeding with keeping this HFGH but following the advice of Laserman, orchiddude & gardenerwantabe.

I'm amazed at the advice, time, effort & pictures that the above 3 have put into this. I'm very appreciative of that. If not for their advice I would have to return the GH because I know it would not take our winds. I am very sorry to hear about those who had disasters with this unit. I'm going to take a chance & go for it with the modifications.

I'm not fully clear on how the EMT conduit gets attached but I am going to try it if someone can clarify for me? I'm going to place this unit in the ground like the booklet suggests because we are a dry, desert climate. Our ground just doesn't hold moisture. I am going to do the 4x4's on the base right now.

My main goal with this GH is to store my potted plants for winter particularly my Black Knight & Japanese Maple.

Hope to hear from all you nice people.

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