One more project off my list :)

12 years ago

The list of course remains long, but hey, one day one project at a time, and SOMEDAY, it may all be complete and DONE :)

Here's what I did yesterday. The thing is that as I'm trying to clear out the greenhouse, I had this big sheet of lattice that was getting moved from side to side, and in and out!! So I decided dog gone it, I'm going to put this thing up and be done with it. It was surprisingly pretty quick and easy :)

Please ignore the ugly blue tarp on the top of my pergola :) It served a temporary need this summer. I'm planning to replace it with a corragated plastic, so that I'll have more protection from the rain and it creates a nice place to set my seed trays when it's too hot inside.


I ran out of the thin lattice piece so I need to get more and then I can finish the lower cross section


this is another finished project :) the entry to the GH was prone to flooding when it rained, and now it doesn't.


The 70% aluminet has been GREAT,


next project is to secure my little white fence pieces to the bed around the GH

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