raised beds or pots in greenhouse?

12 years ago

Last year we put up a small Harbor Freight greenhouse but this will be the first winter we will try growing anything in it. I am anticipating trying greens (lettuce, chard, spinach). The base of the greenhouse is a combination of patio blocks down the center and pea gravel on each side of the blocks over heavy gauge wire mesh (to thwart gophers). We're trying to decide the best way to grow in there: in containers? In raised beds? One idea we had was to make a 12" tall frame, set it on the blocks and gravel, and fill it with dark sand, then place containers (like long, flat sweater boxes punched with drainage holes filled with potting soil) in the sand. Our thought is that the sand will help retain heat at night and radiate it back to the greenhouse. But will this be too hot for the plants or will it not work? Is this a bad idea or is there a better way to grow in there? We will need some sort of raised planting arrangement because of the gravel and wire mesh.

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