Hi GW GH'ers--been MIA for awhile

10 years ago

But I'm back. I guess I inadvertently took a hiatus from my GH since about Christmas last year (I have the HFGH 10x12) It has successfully held up to 3? summers now and the same # of winters. If anyone recalls 2 years ago, I lost some panels that blew out during a nearby tornado (in the Macon area, but we got some fierce winds here too) After this happened, my back, West facing wall had 2 major reinforcements using EMT across each back corner installed, which has saved it more than once!!! other than a few strong winds popping out the clips, it's holding up fine, no apparent UV damage etc.

This past winter it pretty much funtioned as an over wintering home for some tropicals and cold sensitive fruit trees. I did not start any seedlings this year (got caught up in a new venture at our local antique mall, so I've been busy with that since December). I have also been frequenting the home decor forum more than anywhere else. But I wanted to stop by and say HEY!!!

I still have the aluminet 70% shade cloth in place, it stays on year round and works effectively at both heat retention and shade in the summer. I wouldn't really have believed it, but it worked that way.

I have not used fans at all this summer, even though there are plants still inside and doing fine and only used space heaters a few weeks this winter. I am able to open the 4 vents and leave them up all summer along with the doors open too.

It's about time for a spring cleaning but it's been over 100 here for a while and even though inside the GH isnt 100, the humidity will kill ya.

I have missed you guys and hope to hear from a few familiar "faces".

Will have to spend some time catching up on the threads.

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  • funnylady
    10 years ago

    Have wondered what happened to you. Glad to see you back.
    I still love my 2 10X12 HFGH together. ANd still have abour 80 orchis hanging from he roof. Have even had many baby orchids that I divided and sold.
    Been very hot down here in Ocala, FL with little rain.
    Not a nice summer.

  • f150dude
    10 years ago

    welcome back, I too have not been on here in a few years. When the kids are babies it's hard to do anything extra all time is focused on them, plus work, continuing education, so there is no time. But now that my son is now almost 4 and my daughter 9 mo, its more feasible to do other things. My new venture is attempting to grow some veggies and greens for the winter, Never tried it before but will this year to see how it will work out.

  • greenhouser2
    10 years ago

    I've been gone awhile also. We sold the HFGH and kept the larger Rion. We may be moving to FL next spring so I've cut back drastically on the number of plants I have. The Rion has held up well to storms and the fierce summer sun. I'm sure if and when we get to FL I'll want another GH. Because of how the Rion is made, leaky with cheap sponge to fill gaps, it may not be another Rion.

  • stressbaby
    10 years ago

    So this is the old timer's thread.

    My GH is cooking along. Have about 12 carambola ripening on the tree, plus jaboticaba, yellow guava, Surinam Cherries, pomegranates. No bananas this year as I removed Dwarf Cavendish and replaced with Dw Namwah and Dw Red. Hopefully bananas next year.

    Just got a Sapodilla and a June Plum, but the June Plum suffered greatly in shipping. Hoping it will recover.

    Just ordered a new RO pump and filters, as the pump burned out. Close call, as it burned out while I was out of town and I got back to find I had just one day of water left. My wife would have been in trouble within a day or two!

  • norm52
    9 years ago

    Hello ,
    Read that someone might have yellow Jaboticaba seed and wonder If you would consider parting with a few seeds