HFGH 6x8 Updated Pics

12 years ago

Hi Guys!

Well, my B-Day was two months ago! And the GH that hubbie bought me, for my B-Day, *still* isn't complete... But it's getting there!!!

I can't say "THANKS" enough to conifers for posting pictorial instructions (and my pics aren't nearly as good as his/hers!) . Nevertheless they were an absolute freaking GODSEND!!! (Did I say "Thanks?!" - "Thanks a MILLION!!!")

I'd printed everything out (HFGH Instructions [which *have* improved, incidentally, but...] and conifers' post [FAR more useful!]), and I flipped back-and-forth between them - countless times - throughout construction.

We now have the "frame" up, and the roof panels are in place - although I'm experiencing some "binding" on the roof windows. I still have to put up the vertical wall-panels (need to buy more weather-stripping before I can complete that).

I'm also experiencing some "challenges" with the sliding door: It seems to want to jump off the track (on the bottom) when I open it all the way... I suspect I'll have to "bend" the base aluminum panel up - just a hair...

Anyway, it's coming along - albeit very slowly - but "Progress" is happening.

I just wanted to share info on my progress and some of the details of what I've learned along the way (maybe it'll help someone?????)...

THANKS again - to EVERYONE - for ALL of your help!!!

-Nancy (aka IMQTPI)

P.S. I'll have this thing up by winter, I swear!!! ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: We bought a Greenhouse!

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  • milwdave
    12 years ago

    The door does tend to bind a bit...try some silicone grease on the door bottom track before you make any mods to it. Also make sure the door assembly is together took me a while to get that right.


  • greenhouser
    12 years ago

    The roof vents are what bind. I can't get the two in my HFGH to open easily. The vents are too wide for the opening and bind horribly.

  • imqtpi
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Ya know, it's funny... One of the roof vents binds (and I attribute that to the structure being 'slightly less than perfectly square'). The window brace (#51) on that side has also managed to twist itself slightly, since installation.

    That's the vent on the "north" side of the GH and I don't think I'll be putting a self-opener on that one (*I* get to be the automatic window-opener!!!).

    The window vent on the south side seems to open and close easily (:::shrug:::). Since that's the side that's exposed to sunlight, I'll put the solar vent opener over there.

    As far as the door goes: I've futzed around with that endlessly! I tried cleaning the track thoroughly (leaves, dust, dirt, etc.) and sprayed it with McLube (Sail lubricant - for sailboats - it's non-greasy). I'm a little leary of using anything called "grease" since it's outside, and Grease + Dirt = Yuk! (Or is Silicone Grease not really "greasy?!!").

    I can get the door to open/close with "relative ease." Meaning I don't have to wrestle with it, but it definitely does take both hands! The thing that's giving me grief is the little plastic "lip" piece (Excuse me, "Door Bottom Slider" #40). It stays on the track, but pops off when the door is almost fully open. I can't seem to find a way to "lower" the upper door slider-track, so I'm thinking I need to shim (and/or bend) up the bottom instead.

    Dave, what was your experience with this?



  • milwdave
    12 years ago

    I used the Silicone Grease Nancy...applied wherever parts rub together. I have not noticed any buildup of grunge anywhere. Use it on both the bottom track and inside the upper track.

    The sprays I HAVE tried and they improved it slightly But did not last long. Also remember you are dealing with a plastic as well as aluminum. Some carriers in the sprays can attack plastic. The grease comes in a a BIG lipstick and is just rubbed wherever it's needed. Also, the height of the door can be adjusted using the adjustment screws either at the top or bottom of the door...I forget which.

    My vents also bind but because of my location my vents are either opened continually in Summer or closed tight in no vent openers for me.:)


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