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For newbies: pollination in greenhouses

17 years ago

With so many folks doing greenhouse gardening for the first time I thought I would share something with you. I've been growing veggies in my greenhouse for 2 years now & , duh, I just figured out what's wrong with my squash. OK, I'm a little slow :>) Greenhouse = no bugs = equals no pollination. Yep, I've been hand pollinating the tomatoes with a little paint brush but for some stange reason (old age maybe?) it did not occur to me to hand pollinate the squash. They would get to about 2" long, the blossom would fall off, & the squash would fall off. As soon as I started hand pollinating I got beautiful squash! My neighbors also had the same problem with their outside garden this year because we had no honey bees around. I expect that next year we will have a bumper crop of squash.

Also, some varieties of veggies are "parthenocarpic" and are able to reproduce without pollination. I think I must have gotten some of these types of plants, like seedless cucumbers, by accident last year. Next year I will hand pollinate like crazy!

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