Electric, thermostat controlled vent openers

12 years ago

Spring and fall seem to be my roof vent/heater PITA times, and I'm back to them now.

I really do need to control the temps in my GH and have little difficulty doing so in summer, when it continually warm, and none at all in winter, when it's continually cold. In winter, I simply remove the wax filled handles and the vents stay tighty shut.

But now, it's cool enough at night for the heater to kick in yet warm enough in the day that I need the vents to open, so it's a constant dance that I would like to end with electrically powered openers that operate off of a thermostat. If they prove particularly pricey, perhaps I will install them on only one or two of the four vents for the present, but I'm just too old to be climbing ladders near daily, trying to adjust the wax openers just right.

If anyone here has that type of vent opener and/or recommendations for makers and possibly where to buy them, I would be grateful for the input. Many thanks in advance.

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