small heater to protect against freezing

9 years ago

Hi. I have a small 8x6 hoop house and was thinking of using a small space heater to protect against freezing on cold winter nights. The average temperature in jan-feb is only 34F so most of the time it wouldn't even be necessary but it occasionally gets into the low 20's so the hoop house on its own may not be enough. I know that you can get a cheap aquarium temperature controller on ebay for $17 which would be wired to turn on the heater only when the internal hoop house temperature drops below 33-34F. If i used this i don't think it would have to run constantly all night. Is there any reason why this would be a bad idea? I don't think it would be that costly to run seeing as it wouldn't need to run all the time, is there something i may be missing?

Also if i manage to keep it from freezing inside the hoop house would this allow me to grow anything else besides the leafy greens and tubers you can normally grow in an unheated hoop house in winter? Thanks.

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