6' x 8' HF Greenhoue Back-to-Back

12 years ago

Two years ago I bought the 6' x8' HF greenhouse which I absolutely love. Since they were on sale again recently, I bought another and have it planned to put them back-to-back with entry doors on either end. My plan is to take the out the center panel when using it during the summer (heat is not a problem and I do have a fan for circulation)and keeping the panel in during the spring/fall, so I only have to heat on side for my seedlings. For those of you who have done this on this greenhouse or the bigger ones--it looks like the 2 uprights (#1) and roof crown beams (#4 & #5) can be overlapped and then pop riveted together. The rear botton panel (#16) will be part of the common frame since it will not need it to be supporting any additional panels. Looks like the gutter will have to be filed down about 1/4" to fit flushbetween the two houses. I did find this site in which someone has done this.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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