HFGH 12x10 My thoughts.

13 years ago

A kit that costs $600 that has all the twin wall polycarbonate panels included (yes I know they are 4mm twin wall panels) but I estimate that there are 500+ sqft of them. Heat loss .70 against 8mm loss of .62 not that much different.

That kit is worth the money in polycarbonate panels alone.

Many of us here have requirements that mean we take a "standard" type greenhouse and modify it. (insulate north wall, insulate north roof, insulate kneewall, etc, you know the rest.)

My structure is 24x14ft and my see through area is 442 sqft. It is made of wood so the struts and rafters and purloins and things could have been adjusted to fit the sizes the chunks of polycarbonate that the HFGH guys shipped.

Any of the folks in here that want a greenhouse but don't think a HFGH will stand the snow load or wind see what I am getting at?

I wish that 12x10 HF was around when I built mine. I would have bought it, thrown away the frame and used the panels to build my custom, northern, harsh environment greenhouse.

Some here have built greenhouses using old windows. They collected them then built the frame accordingly. Imagine using the polycarbonate from a HFGH the same way.

On a side note, isn't it a sad state of affairs when I am thinking of buying a kit and throwing most of it away because nobody in the USA is selling the 4mm double wall polycarbonate at a reasonable price.

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