My 10x12 HFGH Pics

13 years ago

Ok folks, I think I have figured this out ;)

So hopefully here are some pics with Blurbs, Feel free to ask questions or to make comments.

Here is my link to photobucket, in case my inline pics do not work.


Got it home from the Store


South Wall of Greenhouse - You can see the Steel stud I used to reinforce the back wall, plus the water lines for the Misters and the drip system


East wall - See those Filthy Panels - Gotta Love living in the desert - These benches are for my Seed Starts - Also a Good view of my Water Buckets and water station


The Doghouse - Ah Um, or the Box I built around all the electrical stuff - To keep it from getting direct mist on it


Seat - Citrus - DripLine - Water Buckets - Water Bottles - and Shingle Floor


More Citrus - Water buckets - Drip Line - and Dirty Panels


My Duncan on Sour Orange - The one in the Middle - The Reason for the Greenhouse


Look at the Size of the Thorns on this Sour Orange


Water Station


Valves to Selectively turn on Misters


Two Mister Lines and 3/4 EMT Brace


Two of the El Cheapo HF Openers


Seed Flat - Drip Line - Dirty Windows


More Citrus - Water buckets - Drip Line - and Dirty Panels


Single Mister and Filthy Roof


Filthy Windows from the outside


Trying to Capture the Rain Forest Effect With all Misters on






one More Rain forest attempt


Whew, now I see why people do not post many pics

Here is a link that might be useful: Jimmydo2s Pics

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