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Is my potted stone pine dying?

14 years ago


I live in a studio apartment and didnt have room for a big christmas tree, so I got a potted italian stone pine that, supposedly, can live in a pot indefinitely (according to the tag). I adore my little tree as it keeps the neighbors from peeping in, it smells good, and it reminds me of home (it's the closest i can get to a forest at this time in my life). I'd like to keep it around until i move somewhere where it can be planted. However, I'm having some problems. The tree is losing all of its needles and shriveling up. it looks like it's dying. It's in very well draining soil and I wait until the soil is pretty dry before watering again, since they are mediteranean trees. I think it's dying for lack of sunlight, because I don't get any direct sunlight in my apartment in the depths of winter. However, on the few sunny days we get here in Oregon during the winter, I take it out into the hall and let it sit in the windowsill soaking up sun all day. The rest of the time it's home is my windowsill, so it gets plenty of indirect light. Is my tree dying? Should I wait until spring to repot, or repot now in hopes that I can save it? Should I fertilize it? Is there anything I can do??



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