New 10 x 12 HFGH

12 years ago

I have searched here a bunch and have not found a parts list of what to buy for the modifications of the HFGH. Has anybody put that list anywhere? There is allot of here and there info on what folks have done. My handwrighting is worse then my spelling, so writing it down as I read them has me confused as to what I wrote down in the first place.

$599.00 on sale today in Richmond, Va. With using a dolly it wasn't too hard to get the box out of the van by myself.... after fliping it over in the back yard I seen a message on the box to open it up and seperate the 3 smaller boxes inside the large box... That would have been a nice tip to know ahead of time LOL.

My goal is to put this together with as little help as I can get away with. After looking over the directions I don't really see anywhere I will need an extra hand.

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