home heating system for attached greenhouse

6 years ago

We are in the stages of planning a 12L X 13W X 9H lean-to GH on the south/southwest side of our house.

Does anyone out there have experience using your homes furnace to supplement heating in the GH at night? We currently have our dryer vent going out the wall where the greenhouse will be and we have thought that putting in a small vent from one of the main ducts to blow into the GH whenever it runs might be something to look into.

Would this put much of a drag on the furnace? Would it not have much affect on keeping temps up?

My thought is that it would certainly help, wouldn't drive up cost of the furnace too much, and I could supplement with an electric heater to keep the temps above about 50F at night.

Also, can someone tell me what the 'HF' in HFGH means?

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