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15 years ago

No one has posted about the Kombi shovel. Had my first one for about 14 years - got stolen. Recently tracked down the source and ordered several, for myself, neighbors and family. Also bought their hand trowel. Joe Gardener (Joe has named it one of The Best of the Must-Haves for 2006.

Part shovel, cultivator, edger and weeder, this tool has a lot of uses. There are six styles, from the Kombi Pro down to the Kombi Trowel. We couldnt decide which was our favorite.

I first became aware of this tool when a trusted friend and expert gardener rushed into a Master Gardener meeting one Saturday morning to announce that someone was selling Kombi tools from their trunk. He could hardly contain his enthusiasm but warned if we wanted one we had better rush out there and get one now as they were going quick!

"A Kombi what?" I exclaimed. I didnÂt even know what he was talking about, as I had never heard of such a tool. However, I knew if this guy was so excited about it, then I must have one! He went on to say it was his very favorite tool and he took it on plant rescues and logged "thousand of hours with it!" I was sold and didnÂt even know what it looked like yet.

This IS the shovel with "attitude" as the Kombi folks say and we must agree! Although it appears as some medieval weapon at first glace, this is the tool you want to take into the garden for transplanting and where we see itÂs best application.

The six styles are more than enough to get the job done but I must admit to having and loving them all. All Kombi tools have a one-year guarantee and are sold and shipped out of Clarkesville, Georgia. After getting a taste of the Kombi on tough transplanting jobs, itÂs hard to imagine using anything else. ThatÂs why weÂve made it a joe gardener Certified BEST OF THE MUST-HAVESÂ for 2006.

Here's a post I found at Google: (GPPA is the GA Perennial Plant Ass'n)

I Dig It

GPPA member Jack Driskell is a big proponent of the Kombi Shovel. Jack bought his first kombi about twelve years ago. Since that time Ace Hardware bought the patent but never did anything with it. Several years later the son of the original developer bought the rights back. They contacted Jack and said his name was on their previous customer list and was he still interested in their product? Of course Jack was as he had completely worn out the original shovel from taking it on so many plant rescues where its unusual design is ideal for digging around roots and rocks. What sets the Kombi apart from other shovels is its deeply serrated edge. There is nothing else like it in the trade. Jack says he currently owns three different styles. Besides the original design there is a Kombi Pro which has a wider blade with less serrations and comes with a fiberglass handle, ideal for home use. They even make a trowel in this unique style. Jack thinks so highly of this tool that he sometimes gives them as gifts. But don't wait on Jack to get around to you, simply call their office in Clarksville, GA at 706-754-2875 and request a brochure.

I'm really happy to share this info with y'all and think you'll love, love, love these.

Rosie in Sugar Hill, GA

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