hfgh 6 x 8 and spc orientation

13 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I have a 6 x 8 HFGH and a solar pool cover that is 12 x 20. I was wondering what the best orientation of the pool cover would be. Is there a wall that is more important than others to have covered? I have the greenhouse door facing East. Our winds are normally coming from the West, sometimes from the North.

My thinking is to put the cover on with the 20 foot going from East to West and making sure the West wall is totally covered. Would putting the 12 foot width covering the entire roof and North wall be a good idea?

I have a couple of tomato plants, a few herbs, some swiss chard and a couple of hanging planters with flowers in there right now and just want to keep them going for awhile. I don't plan on heating the greenhouse in the dead of winter this year. I'm still in the experimental stage I guess you could say. I did track temperatures for a period late last winter, early spring and will do that again this year during the same period.

This past spring I started seeds inside and got them into the greenhouse as soon as they germinated and they did fine and I plan on doing that again next spring, but perhaps with the pool cover in place I can get a little bit of an earlier start?

Thanks for any advice,


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