Door latch or lock for HFGH 10x12 sliding doors?

13 years ago

IÂve read comments about latches people installed on their Harbor Freight 10x12 sliding doors. (I think I remember Gardenerwantabe mentioning a gate latch of some type?)

My HF doors slide great, but no matter what I do to adjust them, they close with a small gap. Small at the top, but nearly ¼" at the bottom.


I read about people closing this gap with weatherstripping or door gasket, so we bought some ¼" door gasket and screwed it to both doors. Well, my doors slide so easily that it just moved the doors the same ¼" apart. I have the same gap, now nicely lined with $7 of white door gasket. Back to the drawing board.

My current solution is a clamp. Actually it works great, it compresses the gasket we installed so we have a complete seal from top to bottom now. And, itÂs strong so I know it won't blow open.


IÂd like to replace this with something that could be locked if we travel, and something that will pull the doors together tightly to close the gap. What have you folks installed? Any photos? Thanks in advance,


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