hfgh 10x12 for sale (for parts)

8 years ago

Our brand new HFGH was destroyed after being up for 1 day by 80+ mph winds. Selling for parts, Roof pretty much pristine, many panels are fine, most aluminum parts or ok. Having said that, this is not rebuildable but is sold for parts. Also have 100 new clips from Charlies greenhouse which are still in bags. Located near Salida, CO. Want to sell the whole thing, not one piece at a time. $150 or best offer. Local pickup probably best as shipping would be expensive. Photos available. Bracing in place (electrical conduit) side to side per mudhouse. Thanks, Jerry

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  • kudzu9
    8 years ago


  • tmc2009
    8 years ago

    I have one still in the box that I bought last summer. We had some pretty good high wind storms here too and I was thinking about what would have happened if I had had it up. Did you reinforce it at all before installing the poly?

  • funnylady
    8 years ago

    I guess I'm just lucky. Mine have been through hurricans down here in Florida, but they are well braced. I have 3 of them put together as one. The worst problem I have had is that they wanted to bow out in the middle. So husband put s small chain across the middle of each one. No more problems. I have 30 orchids hanging in each one. So glad it works for me. I wouldn't want to lose 90 orchids.
    I would post pictures but it never works for me.

  • mudhouse_gw
    8 years ago

    tiger67, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your greenhouse, especially so quickly. Have you tried your local Craigslist, to avoid shipping?

    tmc2009, ours has been up almost 4 1/2 years, and we do have very strong winds routinely, for hours at a time. No wind damage at all to this point, but we did reinforce the frame, and we screwed the panels to the frame, as suggested by many posts here on GardenWeb. I documented many of those suggestions in my blog, here:
    Building our Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse

    However, 80 mph winds are very severe. 80 mph winds can take down whole trees, and do roof damage to buildings that aren't engineered to withstand it. Mine has not been tested to that degree (although my guess is it's probably withstood some gusts in the 55-60mph range.) I'm not really sure how many greenhouses (of any brand) across the country could withstand 80mph.

    In my opinion securing the panels to the frame with screws is critical, in addition to strengthening the frame.

    Hello to funnylady...!

  • tiger67
    Original Author
    8 years ago

    Hi all, I did sell it on Craigslist for parts $100.00 seemed fair. I had done all the bracing madhouse an others suggested. conduits, flat alum angle front and back, the works. A friend of mine about 30 miles away clocked the straight line winds at 125 mph. Maybe I was conservative at 80mph. Probably no greenhouse in the world would stand up to that kind of abuse. Oh Well, moving on, looking at the Harvest Hobby 10x13. Anyone have any personal experience with this one. Thanks, Jerry