HFGH 6 x 8 Insulation? weatherstripping? I'm lost

14 years ago

I am not good with construction/tools/math but DH (who is) won't read anything on the computer. He will do what I ask if I explain it really well as he isn't good at visualization.

My greenhouse is up, he built a very nice foundation but I see large gaps in the upper corners of the greenhouse where rain comes in and I don't know what to tell him to do to fix them and don't know what to do for insulation.

I can't afford a pool cover and it seems really cumbersome anyway.

I have read about Dow foam/foil insulation and it sounds easier to use. Do you just use duct tape to stick it to the inside? I could do the North, South and East walls and not block any light. It is really dark and dreary here and I plan to get a high pressure sodium light anyway.

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