Has anyone done external bracing HFGH 10x12

12 years ago

Hi all,

I've been checking this forum for what seems like months now and thanks for all the help you've all unwittingly provided. I finally got the HFGH 10x12 last weekend (Kansas City, $699-Internet price match) and have what will probably be the first of many questions. I have a lot of 4x4's available and has anyone used this as an external brace to the wobbly GH (maybe as post at each corner and deck boards)? I'm a week or two away from starting to build, so any help and guidance would be much appreciated


Eurotrash, Missouri

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  • gardenerwantabe
    12 years ago

    All you need to do is read in the FAQ link I have provided and do a search.

    Search for HFGH also search 10x12 HFGH this Will pull up a solid week of reading.

    After reading that if you still need help post a specific question plenty of us have build this GH.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of External Modifications

  • washoe_mark
    12 years ago

    I have some experience with this. If you go "10X12 hfgh" on the search link you'll find some previous posts.
    What worked for me very successfully are the EMT conduit pipes. I vertically aligned the EMT with the studs around the outside like this; I pounded either 3'rebar or a pointed iron stake 1&1/2 ' into the ground leaving about a foot protruding above the ground (I got it at Lowes in the construction barbed wire dept). Then I took the EMT & set it right over the stake & pounded the EMT about 6" into the ground. Then I attached the EMT with L shaped metal braces (hinge dept. at Lowes) & bolted it to the studs. On the gutter rail side you can bolt the EMT directly to the existing gutter rail bolts. You need to drill holes in the EMT. I also drilled tiny holes in the studs & used guide wire through the holes & then around the EMT & twisted tight. You can do as many as you think you need. I have 7 EMT lined up around the GH on the windward sides epecially.
    On the peaked roof side I had to use EMT pipe insert / extenders to reach the top of the peak. It works great.
    We have up to 50 mi. winds with the storm fronts that come in here in Nevada along the Sierra foothills. My 10 X 12 hfgh has passed the test with the bracing. Be sure to follow everyones advice & screw the panels in. Do not depend on just the clips.
    See posts by; Mudhouse, laserfan, gardner wannabe & theres a few others also.