Greenhouse Plant Suggestions please

11 years ago

I'd appreciate some input because I'm a beginner at gardening. I'd like some recommendations for some fruits and veggies that would be a good choice to start with in the greenhouse we're building.

Here are some details to help you know what the greenhouse will be like and what questions I'm asking myself while reading my seed catalogs and looking through the seeds I have left from spring and summer to choose which I should try in the greenhouse.

What plants will grow best in the conditions I'll have in my greenhouse set-up?

What plants will grow best during the winter?

What plants will grow best with a beginner like me who doesn't spot problems very well yet?

We are building a greenhouse. It is 2 HFGH each size 10x12. They'll be connected.

I don't think we'll be finished putting them up for a month or two (end of Nov to beginning of Jan). I'd like to start planting as soon as it's finished.

The only thing inside will be a light (to see if I'm in there at night after my kids are in bed). It won't have any heaters or thermostat or fan or automatic watering. I have some tarps that I could hang over it if that would help insulating it?

This year was my first time planting fruits and veggies in a garden. It went okay. But, we still have a lot to learn. I don't know anyone who gardens and I'm super shy. So, reading books and lurking around here for months is really where I'm getting all my learning. (That and a lot of trial and error out in the dirt!)

We only are growing plants from seed. And, I rely on my goats, chickens, turkeys, and ducks for fertilizing. I haven't had extra $$ for anything else to add to our soil or watering.

Money is a HUGE factor in all our decisions. I'm a pretty good cook and my family are good fruit and veggie eaters. I'm trying hard to have "free homegrown organic" food from gardening as much as possible.

Thank you for any advise you can offer.

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