Turning a metal building into a loft style house with shop

July 30, 2012
New to this site, been snooping for a bit. I have a chance to get a 60X80 metal building that has 14ft side walls with a maxim height of 20 in middle. Its always been something i wanted to try and tackle. Will probably add on for room and design so it fits into the neighborhood better. It does have to be reskinned cause of poor installation of metal siding n roof.

I am looking for links/pics/ideals to make this happen. Exterior ideals and interior ideals... I know this is kinda vague in what I'm wanting to do but i thought i start here in see where it takes me, still just researching ideals to get put into my finale plan.

Thanks in advance and love this site.

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  • Emily H
    Hi Csrush, Do you have a photo of the building you are interested in to get a better idea of what you are working with?
  • csrush
    These r far away shots, like i said I'm kinda dealing with a blank slate, concrete in good shape and beams, but diff needs new roof and reskinned... I would like to add on for most of the living quarters , but would like it to flow into the shop with a loft over probably a third of it... Thinking coming off the left side with an addition and heading south to make it more 3D looking..
  • csrush
    ideal of inside I'm dealing with... Its a corner lot with the river on right side where trees r, all the houses in the neighborhood face the dirt rode in pics, so i was thinking making that the living quarters side, extending to the south, like an L shape pattern, and having driveway coming off south street to garage door with a pool coming off south side of building, between the garage door and new addition, making any scense?
  • PRO
    Instead of adding on, it might be more economical to build a mezzanine level and add windows to the building so it is more inviting. You should fine an architect /designer to deal with a project this size and to maximize the potential.

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