Fist windstom with my HFGH

13 years ago

We had our first "real" storm this weekend in zone8 CA.

We had some winds to about 35mph. I did find a panel blown away from the GH.

We used some duct tape to secure the panels, and everything ws fine.

Does anyone know if we can get more of those little clips from HF?

We had our furnace go out this week, and I've set a lawn chair out in the GH!

Love, love love sitting in the GH, getting warm and reading!

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  • javan
    13 years ago

    Charley's greenhouses sells the clips. Personally, I put in two self tapping screws with an insulator in each panel. My greenhouse survived 60 mph winds last winter that blew down numerous trees in our neighborhood without any problems. If you don't get winds that intense, the clips will probably work fine. All the best from far northern coastal CA, Jim

    Here is a link that might be useful: Charley's clips

  • laserfan
    13 years ago

    ninjabut you haven't said if yours is a 6x8 or 10x12, but the clips only hold the edges of the panels. You need also as Jim sez to screw the panels down somehow. On my 10x12 I used Lath screws (nicely self-tapping with integral "washer") at the center of each panel, into the horizontal brace.

    The clips alone don't keep the panels from bowing-out (and then blowing-out!). Look at this link:

    Here is a link that might be useful:

  • javan
    13 years ago

    We have 60 mph gusts predicted for my area tommorrow (with gale force winds consistently during the day), so I'll get to check out the strength of the greenhouse. I'm still trying to figure out a door latch, but we will see. Jim

  • chris_in_iowa
    13 years ago


    Write your name, address and phone number on each of the panels with a magic marker. A good citizen will FedEx them back to you.

    I think some of my poly is wrapped around a barbed wire fence a couple of miles from me, and I am sure somebody in Winsconsen is now using my plug trays and wearing my wooly hat!

    Get a tarp.

    Your greenhouse is small enough, be prepared just like they do in Florida with the plywood over the windows routine. Screw ring bolts into the ground and practice wrapping your greenhouse up.

    Mine is too big, I have a very long and sharp knife standing by.

  • gardenerwantabe
    13 years ago

    Any screw is better than none but I prefer the screws that I used that are self tapping and have a large hex head with a neoprene washer for two reasons.
    #1 the neoprene washer will seal out wind and water.
    #2 It will allow the panel to shrink and swell as the temperature changes.

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