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the best lupine cultivar ever!!!

13 years ago

If you haven't heard about "Morello Cherry", you may consider looking into it. This is a red flowering cultivar, as the name implies, but as an added bonus, it is also claimed to:

-Attract butterflies/hummingbirds


-Good cut flower

But, none of these fine attributes are what piqued my interest about this plant. What really intrigued me the most was that this plant is actually heat tolerant. A heat tolerant lupine?? Is that even possible?!?! If the rumors are true, then this is without a doubt my favorite cultivar of lupine, but if you've grown (or are growing) a cultivar that has performed (or is performing) better for you, I'd like to know about it. We'll see if the rumors about Morello Cherry are true. I've decided to sow the seeds indoors during the summer, and in autumn, I'm going to plant them outside. The reason I'm doing this is because I want them to develop well-established root systems during their first seasons, and with the heat we get in summer, I think it may be a little too stressful on them. My question, though, is how long do the seeds stay viable for??

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