Maggots in the compost bin IN MY KITCHEN

June 18, 2013

EEEWWW. Ok so I am relatively new to composting... Right now I basically bury my kitchen scraps in an area of my yard where I plan on starting a new garden bed (next year).

So I can tolerate a lot when it comes to composting (spoiled food, etc etc) ... I probably could tolerate maggots outside ... but inside in my kitchen is where I draw the line. I wasn't able to take my compost out this weekend so some of the stuff has been in there for two weeks. (But I will tell you in the winter its very often a few weeks before I bring out my kitchen scraps for compost)

I just found maggots in there... I immediately took it outside and poured bleach on everything. I am going to bleach the inside of my kitchen bin again but I am wondering.....

should I just toss out the bin (its the green plastic exacto one with the filter).

Any precautions I should take to minimize this happening (or eliminate this from ever happening again)? I assume emptying the bin once a week is one way... should I clean out the bin periodically with bleach.

I am so grossed out right now... I'd hate to stop composting. I thought I was being pretty good about my compost bin... rinsing it once in a while but apparently I was not doing enough.

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