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Newbie advice for floribunda mardi gras & lovestruck

June 23, 2010

I am new to planting in general, but after becoming addicted to gardening with way more plants than my family could ever eat, I felt maybe I just needed more of a challenge instead of more vegetables lol. I decided roses should do the trick! Even tho I do know its late to start, I went today and bought a Mardi Gras and Lovestuck floribunda (in i think a 3 gallon bucket?) from a local nursery. they are fairly large, mardi gras has a few gorgeous blooms and tons of buds, but lovestruck had just been pruned. I have been searching the internet about caring for them, but its sorta information overload with a lot of things saying "depending on variety", and nothing specific to floribundas.

Should I be doing general rose care for them? Or are there specifics for florabundas? Are they fairly easy to care for? Im thinking of putting them within my rock bed with large shrubs, except doing a sort of raised bed with top soil and tilling the clay up underneath. How much room should I give the roses from the shrubs? Would it be better to plant straight in the ground/rockbed? I actually thought of keeping them in very large tubs, which is how my garden is set up, but dont know it this variety is suited for that. Any answers, or tips would be much appreciated!! Or if anyone knows any helpful websites..I promise to post pictures when I get them planted! :)

Oh, and I live in middle tennessee with scortching weather at the moment. it was 98 today with an even higher heat index.

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  • Zyperiris

    My Lovestruck has been in a pot and this is the first year it actually looks good. I think maybe this rose takes awhile to get established.

  • phatboyrose

    I have both Lovestruck and Mardi Gras, this will be their third year. Mardi Gras is planted in the ground and I really don't care for it mush, the blooms are short lived but this maybe just this bush, on the other hand Lovestruck is in a pot and does just fine a bloom machine.
    I spray both bushes and use Mill's Easy feed on both. Good luck with your roses.


  • rosesnpots

    I also have Lovestruck in a large pot for 3 years now. I have to second that it is a blooming machine and finally this year it did not suffer too much with black spot. I really like the floribundas because like the shrub roses they have a lot of blooms all over the bush. I feed Mills Magic and Mills Easy Feed. But Rose Tone is good as well and you can get that at your local garden center.


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