Recommendations pls - Antiques resembling DA's Juliet & Patience

June 10, 2009

About a third down from the below page is an image of David Austin proudly displaying a garden trug filled with Juliet and Patience. I called their US distributor and got a very short and abrupt woman scowling at me saying "no, no, no" to every alternative I was asking.

So, since those roses are so gorgeous, I would love to own something similar to it at least. I live in the Parkside district in San Francisco, CA. USDA zone 9, Sunset zone 17, i believe.

Do you have any recommendations please for any antique roses resembling David Austin's Juliet and Patience? Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Juliet and Patience at the Chelsea Flower Show

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  • jerijen

    I couldn't find them at that site.


  • dublinbay z6 (KS)

    See the pic of David Austin holding a "trug" with a lovely bouquet in it. (There is a woman standing next to him.) The text on the right identifies the roses an Juliet and Patience.

    Sorry, I don't have any suggestions. The ones I grow are not in that color range.

    Good luck,


  • andreageorgia

    I see, David Austin Jr is holding the basket filled with the roses. You can find better images here:

    From what I can tell, I think that Patience will be best matched, and perhaps surpassed, in beauty by The Pilgrim, which is a first class garden rose/climber (Jeri didn't like hers though). ;-( Other options are the climber Teasing Georgia or Crocus Rose, both very very beautiful.

    Juliet may be harder to match - look for A Shropshire Lad (apricot pink) which also matches the cupped shape to some degree, or Crown Princess Margareta (coppery orange apricot), or the apricot-pink Evelyn. Especially the latter two are not as highly cupped though. Sweet Juliet (!) could be another option, but mine is new and hasn't bloomed yet. Shape-wise although not color-wise, Queen of Sweden could be of interest to you.

    Take a look at my thread on the Chelsea Flower Show II - there you can see a slightly aged bouquet (I wasn't that impressed by it, quite frankly) and also Queen of Sweden.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

    Here is a link that might be useful: DA's cut flower roses

  • jbfoodie

    Madame Charles, a Tea, has similar coloring, but different bloom form. Another Tea, Clementina Carbonieri, is of similar color, though a bit brighter. Both are supposed to be hardy down to zone 6b. You might want to look on HMF to see pictures of these roses. I love both of them, but I am in Northern California, a very different climate from yours.

  • jerijen

    Andrea's link got me there. Thanks!
    Andrea, I really did LOVE the blooms on 'The Pilgrim.' But like many other Austins, under our conditions, it was a runaway grower.

    If you want something of that bloom style, NOT in an Austin, you might consider the Large-Flowered Climber 'Sombreuil,' (once sold as an 1850 Tea). Or, perhaps, 'Snowbird,' a vigorous early HT.


  • andreageorgia

    No worries, Jeri. I'm glad this worked.

    Ooops, I see you're actually looking for antiques. I second Sombreuil - a very beautiful climber. I don't know Snowbird.

    Clementina is a very very pretty rose, but with small flowers, not really cupped, very different appearance from the big rounded Austins - and she burns in the sun in no time, so she'd need a lot of afternoon shade.


  • jerijen

    Snowbird is a "Classic" Hybrid Tea Rose.
    Superb in Southern California. Very vigorous.

    The photos shown RIGHT, here are of "Louise Ave. White HT," a found rose which may be identical to 'Snowbird' (or not) but surely looks much like it.



  • jumbojimmy

    I personally think that David Austin rose, 'Charity' resembles a lot like 'Juliet'.

    Although, I don't grow Charity, but I have seen lots of beautiful photos of Charity in the internet. Too bad 'Charity' is not avaliable in AUstralia, that's why I ordered 'Jayne Austin' due to its similar look.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of Charity (Japanese blog)

  • SamuellaZ6a

    I know this is an older thread, but here's a rose that resembles Juliet (at least in shape) a fair bit. The photos on HMF don't do it justice! I think it may only be commercially available in Europe at this time:

    It's called Belle Romantica/Alexandrine/ MEIgapencey by Meilland

  • Dillybeansown (6b in the Ozarks)

    Belle Romantica is lovely! It’s on my wishlist if it ever becomes available in the US.

    Paul Barden’s ‘Marianne’ also resembles Juliet, IMO

  • HU-284226487

    Duchess de Brabant comes to mind, very floriferous Tea rose that blooms from March through October in my garden near S.F.Ca

  • Rekha A 9a Houston area

    Duchess de Brabant is lovely, but the flower size is quite small..

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Really, Rekha? My DdB just stops blooming in heat here. I wish she continued with small blooms, but in the Summer I get zip here.

  • Lisa Adams

    My Duchess de Brabant has been blooming nearly year-round, especially this year, with the extra spring rain and relatively mild summer. It’s still prone to powdery mildew, but she keeps on blooming. I’m surprised yours shuts down during the summer. Surely your summers are cooler than mine, but I could be wrong, especially with what felt like one of the mildest summer I’ve has in years. Lisa

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    I wonder if a sycamore tree that has grown in the 4 years I've put in the stucco tea garden is impacting her either with shade or water hogging? Adding irrigation to roses has had some unintended consequences. We have had some trees explode with growth. This year, Lisa and Rekha, we hit 100 F eight days total. I'm not sure sometimes what is going on. Some roses are blooming constantly (MFK) and others much less. Since the oldest Teas are 4 yo down to 1 year olds I'm still in the beginning phase here. The irrigation can also give out. I'm moving to the Netafim buttons because the flag emitters seem to give out. Since the stucco Tea garden faces directly south, for all I know shade could help. There is also a Leland cypress stump in that east side of the bed which could be depressing DdB. Who wouldn't be depressed with that lunk in there? (My husband gave out after the chain saw was destroyed taking out two other stumps).

    That is a really hot garden overall, but I do think the west end blooms better than the east end on this directly south facing garden, and the tree shades the east end sometimes.

    My newer wood fence Tea garden has the fence running directly north/south and both east facing and west facing sides seem to be doing equally well over there. No tree shade, and cooler without the south stucco face. There, I have 8 footers ( Adam and Maman Cochet and William R Smith) and one Comtesse Emmeline de Guigne who is probably 30 inches now blooming pretty constantly and they are younger than DdB.

    In the stucco Tea east side, I might try to treat DdB to extra fish fertilizer/kelp treats next summer, since she is dealing with the stump and Sycamore shade.

  • Rekha A 9a Houston area

    ,Sheila, mine is in full sun and bloomed on and off through the year, even in summer. The blooms were an inch and a half during summer. Will see how they are in the fall.

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