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gas in the oil of a Kohler engine

14 years ago

I have a 5-6 yr old Scott's mower built by John Deere. It has a Kohler Command 16hp electric start engine. It has been reasonably well maintained with regular oil/filter/plug changes season to season. I recently checked the oil and was getting a low reading. I thought this was odd as typically the oil has never run low during a season. None the less I added just over a quart of oil and it still read at the same low spot on the stick. I didn't want to add more oil for fear of overfilling. I started the engine and after about a minute or so got a thick cloud of bluish-white smoke, it started to clear, but after a couple of minutes the engine shut itself down. I restarted it again, got another cloud of bluish-white smoke, and another stall.I did this about 3 times with the same results. I suspected that I had inadvertently over filled the oil so I started to drain some out. When I did I found that I had a mix of gas and oil draining out. I drained about two quarts of gas/oil mix and think I may have been draining the gas tank through the oil drain. Did I blow the head gasket? or is it possible that the float in the carburetor is stuck? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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