1993 Craftsman GT6000

12 years ago

Here's the deal, I am 14 and am getting into engines and lawn tractors. I have a friend who has a 1993 Craftsman GT6000 with an 18 HP Kohler engine. We know this shop that is going out of business and we are both going to purchase a tractor from it. He is getting another GT6000 (1991) and I already got a 1982 Work Horse by Wheel Horse tractor. I am unsure of the model number, I know it has a B&S engine, I think 18 HP but it doesn't say. It is a 2 cylinder. The thing is, his current GT6000 the 1993 is having a steering problem, if you turn to the left there is a clank and the steering wheel locks up, it just started happening out of the blue the other day. He uses this tractor to plow dirt/snow and to pull his trailer which usually has over 500 LBs of "suff" in it. We looked under and he pulled off a bushing from somewhere around where the bar from the steering wheel meets a metal plate with teeth to turn the wheels. It looked like this bushing was broken but we are unsure. Does anyone have any ideas?

Also as a quite side note, the 1991 Craftsman he is getting has a mowing deck which his current one doesn't. He is going to be using the 1991 one to mow and the 1993 to do the blading/towing. He doesn't want to tow the trailer with the 1991 because he doesn't want to bend the hitch like he has on the 1993. For now I am letting him use my Wheel Horse, but I don't really like the idea of all the hours and abuse he is putting on it.

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