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Is there a 'proper' way to use a 3-bin composting system?

12 years ago

We've been using a dinky little tumblr compost bin for a couple of years, but after we moved into our new house with a lot more land (and now, yard waste) I decided we needed to step it up.

So this weekend I built a 3-bin compost system (each bin is 3 feet x 3 feet).

I keep finding different method of using the system, though. So I'm curious what's the "best" or "typical" way of using a 3-bin system.

At this very moment we've got a massive amount of yard waste (grass clippings, leaves from last fall, old branches, etc etc). Way more than would fit in all three bins.

We also generate a pretty good bit of food waste every day.

So how should I run my system?

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