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Removing blades from a Cub Cadet w/42' deck

12 years ago

I want to remove the blades for sharpening from my CC LT1018 with a 42" deck. I would like to avoid removing the deck as the instructions state in my manual. I have it jacked and thought the 1 1/8th nuts were coming loose, but as I turn them they are not loosening at all. Is there something I can do to allow me to remove the blades without taking off the deck?

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  • rcbe
    12 years ago

    Check your owner's manual. There should be an illustration of how to place a wood block to hold the blade/spindle while breaking loose the 1 1/8 flange nut.

    And make sure you have safety jack stands under that tractor before yanking hard on that wrench - you don't want that machine coming down on you w/o warning.

  • rcbe
    12 years ago

    if you don't have manual, try this link:

    Here is a link that might be useful: LT1018 owners manual

  • rustyj14
    12 years ago

    And, remember the old saying---lefty-loosey/ righty-tighty!
    Some folks, when trying to remove the blades, slide under, and forget the fore-going bit of advice!

    Block well with a piece of wood in front of the blade-against the pull of the wrench, and the nut should loosen. I use my air impact wrench on those type of attachment bolts, and they come right off.
    And, look well, before removal, to see how the washers and nuts go back on!

  • rcmoser
    12 years ago

    Those big nuts are not going to break loose easily. Your going to need a 18" breaker bar or and extension pipe on your wrench or racket. You don't even have to jack it up. Just slide in from the grass exit place you block 3x4 works best but a 2by4 will work. you hold the block till you get some pressure on it with your wrench, breaker bar or racket. Now you can break it loose using the extended leveage. Now move to the other or far blade.

    Remember, when you install them make sure you hold the blade up while snugging the nut so the star on the blade and the star on the spindle engage and don't get disengaged till you get the nut snugged and torqued. If you don't make sure the star is aligned up BAD THINGS CAN and WILL happen shortly after you engage the deck.

  • markymark-ca
    12 years ago

    I use an electric impact wrench bought at Harbor Freight for 29 bucks

    Backs them out quickly

    Block the blade, hit the reverse, the bolt backs out instantly

    Even on a bolt that has been on for 30 yrs...
    OK, it takes a second or two longer

  • hoot49
    12 years ago

    you will have to hold the top nut with a wrench above the pulley on top of the deck and loosen the bottom nut.

  • greatlakes16
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Thank you all for your input. I love this site!!!!!!

  • edlogos_yahoo_com
    11 years ago

    Thanks to all of U who posted comments, Big help, sisters mower and she can't find her manual (imagin that)