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What determines if a Philodendron erubescens is a Pink Princess?

I work in a nursery with a small indoor-plant section. We don't have a lot of special stuff come in, and one of the regulars we get in are (what I can determine to the best of my ability) are Philodendron erubescens. 6" pots, nothing to identify them other than a tag with "Philodendron" and vague care instructions below it. Red-blushed stems, nothing out of the ordinary for the species, right?

Well about a month ago I noticed one with variegation on it's leafs, and new leaves were continuing to hold the mutation. I bought it, knowing it was something special. Now, from whatever internet research I could gleam, I'm pretty certain I've come into ownership of a Pink Princess cultivar of erubescens, but one question remains: does it fall under that name, or would it technically just be a variegated P. erubescens, no royalty attached?

I can't find any patent information. Pink Princess doesn't appear to be a hybrid, merely a mutation who's variegation has been bred to it's fullest. If that's the case than wouldn't any P. erubescens, showing variegation, be able to be filed / sold as / whathaveyou "Pink Princess"?

It wasn't as important a month ago, I still know that I found a great plant. But now we got in TWO MORE. If it matters, I believe we get them from a Pacific NW supplier called Pam's Sunnyside Greenhouse, but the sticker on the pot is long gone and we do carry a few other grower's plants. Up until now the only Philos they gave us were erubescens and a few really basic green varieties. I believe they carry more, but I've never known them to have a particularly varied stock. I also noticed what a 4" Philo, golden-yellow leaves, that could be P. erubescens "Golden Erubescens". Maybe they're carrying new varieties and haven't bothered with prices, which brings me to my final question:

Are these plants really worth the higher prices? I read left and right that these fetch much higher prices than their non-variegated brethren; if that's the case, I'll buy these few more and propagate a few this spring, if they'll sell.

Thank you for any information you guys have on these Philo's. I've always thought of them as being difficult plants, but this little guy is low-maintenance and happy being special among all my other plants.


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