Chrysanthemums, which kinds overwinter best?

I keep finding Chrysanthemums on sale and keeping buying them when I see a kind I havenÂt had before. (Never mind that I havenÂt planted the first, ordinary ones yet.) In my main garden, which is more moist, they usually donÂt overwinter for me. But in better drained, drier parts of the yard I am having fairly good luck with them coming back. All of these that have done well were tiny little quart sized plants when put out.

IÂm really falling for the daisy like ones with the open centers this year. Anyone know if these are hardier/ less hardy than the cushion type?

Now this year I have both the quarts (of cushion types) and bought larger pots (6-8 inch diameter) of the daisy like ones, and gallons. Are the larger plants more problematic for getting established and coming back? Or better?

I was at an out door event yesterday that was decorated with big, over a gallon-sized potted mums and pumpkins. At the end of the show they were selling the plants. (I bought one daisy form one in a yellow with petals touched with burnt orange: I have never seen anything like this plant.) As the grounds emptied out the prices got lower, and I got a plain yellow daisy one and 2 more of the usual cushion type with small, inch sized flowers. All the plants were wilted but I watered then last night and they look fine this morning. I donÂt know if the stress of wilting hurts their chances.

Should I be trying to get these in the ground right away? If I use the big pots for fall decoration on the porch am I taking a risk that they then will not over winter? ItÂs the daisy like ones I am concerned about, as I may not see these again.

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