Mass planting of Ipheion uniflorum: Does it have impact? (pic)

9 years ago


I want to do a mass planting of Ipheion, something like what is in the attached picture. I've never seen Ipheion in person and I don't want to go to all the trouble if the impact factor will be low.

The Ipheion in the picture is Rolf Fiedler and those are not available to me. I would be able to get "Wiserly Blue" in large quantity.

I want something that will naturalize and have nice impact factor while in bloom. Also, any guesses for how many bulbs I'd need to achieve something like in picture (not mine, but I've got about the same area to fill).

Is Ipheion "Wiserly Blue" and OK choice? Will I be pleased?

I'd appreciate any comments since I'm about to order!



zone 7, Virginia


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