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Roses With Darker Stamens - a partial list

November 7, 2008


Check the above link if you have any trouble knowing what I mean by darker stamens.

Here is the list. Please add to it.

Basye's Purple (Insane dark purple stamens)

Bloomfield Dainty (dark gold stamens)

Brilliant Pink Iceberg (dark pink stamens)

Burgundy Iceberg (dark purple)

Captain Thomas (dark gold stamens)

Crazy Dottie (dark red I think)

Dainty Bess (magenta stamens)

Dairy Maid (dark gold stamens)

Felicitas (not sure)

First Light (magenta)

Frühlingsmorgen (dark burgundy)

Geisha (dark red)

Geranium (dark red)

Goldauge (dark gold stamens)

Golden Wings (dark gold stamens)

Grace Seward (dark pink)

Halo (all the Halo ones! Dark pink)

Jaqueline Du Pre (dark pink)

Lavender Simplex (purple)

Little White Lies (pale pink stamens)

Mermaid (dark gold stamens)

Mutabalis (dark red)

Pink Poodle (magenta stamens)

Red Letter Day (dark red stamens)

Simon Robinson (magenta stamens)

Summer Wine (purple stamens)

I know there are more, but please add to the list. I had a good list awhile back but it no longer comes up on searches (and if ANYBODY can get Lavender Simplex, a mini that seems to have gone extinct and had lovely dark stamens, please let me know!)

Single roses are the ones where the stamens are most noticed, but any petal count will do here. Thanks.

Comments (17)

  • len511

    does this have any significance or just a fetish? lol.
    I am just curious. I don't think i've ever encountered a discussion or read an article that focused on stamen color.

  • hartwood

    Poulsen's Pearl

    Allen Chandler

    Collette Clemente

    and Innocence.

  • michaelg

    Ophelia, Mme Butterfly, and probably some other Ophelia sports have reddish (coral?) stamens that are quite striking on those flowers that develop with fewer petals. My Mme Butterfly was often semi-double.

  • drasaid

    that I must possess is a good one . . . and there are only so many of these dark stamened ones. Makes my plantlust easier.

  • petaloid

    Sweet Vivien (red stamens)

    Here is a link that might be useful: Sweet Vivien

  • littlesmokie

    I actually do remember you posting about this before. Off the top of my head...

    Everest Double Fragrance (semi-double, red)
    Mrs Oakley Fisher (single, orange)

    As a bonus, both of these roses smell yummy, too.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Everest Double Fragrance

  • rayrose

    Try Belle Storey

  • Krista_5NY

    I think Sheer Bliss has purple stamens, it has a lovely fragrance to it.

  • luxrosa

    drasaid, thank you, for your list.
    To me, stamens are one of the prettiest part of a rose blossom, and I was surprised to see a rose book published this year that showed photographs of rose blossoms, where the petals were open, but showed withered stamens,that were old greyed and blackened, that were well past their prime.
    Along with dark stamens, I also love roses that show a boss of stamens, such as white 'Rose of York' which I grew primarily for its stamens, fragrance and foliage, and 'Mermaid'
    Thanks again drasaid.


  • monarda_gw

    Ivory Fashion has a classic, high-centered scrolled bud and beautiful reddish stamens when fully opened that (unlike many white roses) don't look bad after pollination . It is redolent of cloves and very long lasting in a vase. It is a floribunda.

    Two other beauties with red stamens are White Wings (an HT) and Jacqueline du Pre (mentioned above), a shrub rose.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Ivory fashion

  • rozegardener

    Sarah, you beat me to it! But thanks for posting it because I've been so busy.

    I must say I prefer the title you originally posted under: " I want pink thingies in the middle of the bloom! WAAAAH!" You must of matured since then, which may be good for you but not as entertaining for us!

    Stamens are composed of two parts: filaments (the stem-like parts that holds up the anthers ) and anthers (the balls containing pollen).

    Red anthers is what I want...WAAAAH!

    Here's a rose that puts most of its energy into the red stamens filaments and anthers, and not much into petals:


    Ahhh. it's a mini.

    My preference is for fragrant roses that have more petals. I wonder which of these wonderful suggestions fit the bill:
    fragrant, red (or anything but yellow) anthers, and fuller rather than single.

    I read that Red Letter Day is a beautiful rose, I would love to have one! But it is very rare.

    As far as Lavender Simplex goes, you might try to track thru Trish at Ashdown roses. Heres the link re: breeder Sean McCann's roses



  • Gloria Askins

    I have a BEAUTIFUL pink rose - 40+ petals that I've been trying to identify. It's filaments are red and anthers are yellow. It has a strong rose fragrance ...in cooler weather mine takes on citrus notes. I'm currently thinking it might be Pink Peace but am not sure what color stamens that one has. Was researching when I ran across this..... I have several photos posted in Antique roses & Name that rose.....

  • Buford_NE_GA_7A

    This rose wasn't around when this thread began. The Charlatan. Very much like Dainty Bess.

    drasaid thanked Buford_NE_GA_7A
  • drasaid

    Oh WOW. The Charlatan is fabulous! Is it a climber? Now I have to go look it up . . . . . Right now, I have a few tiny bushes with dark stamens, since I moved and lost a lot. I have Summer Wine, Candy Cane, and Grace Seward. I can get cuttings off of Golden Showers, though.

  • Buford_NE_GA_7A

    It can be trained as a small climber. I just got it so I don't know how big it will get.

  • Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

    Wimi has pink stamens.

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